An Artist Named Lucia

Along with Oscar Torres, local philanthropist, artist, and business co-owner of J & R Tacos, our project of bringing to life the children’s book, An Artist Named Lucia is now a reality. Not only is this book based on a 5-year-old child, but the intention of the book is to inspire children age 0-5 to find their creative voice. The book takes our reader on a journey from the literal to the abstract. As Lucia creates what she sees, readers can experience the creative process right alongside her. We were inspired by Lucia and the children of Merced, which is why the book is written in English with Spanish translation included on each page. The illustrations of this book beautifully depict the diversity within our community. We firmly believe in the empowerment and emotional development of the children of our community and believe this book can be a helpful instrument in that process.

Order your copy of An Artist Named Lucia: Una Artista Llamada Lucia on Amazon today!

book image

For additional information on programming for An Artist Named Lucia, click here.